How may we help you?

Can I keep the airplane with me at my destination?

How long before a flight do I need to make arrangements? What if I have an emergency trip come up?

Will I be able to fly at any time I need to fly?

How do you compare to membership programs?

How is SkyShare different from owning a plane?

How is SkyShare different from a jet card?

Do you offer financing?

Why are there different hourly rates?

Do I have to buy a share in the Gulfstream G200 in order to use it?

How do your prices compare to other jet share / fractional programs (for example NetJets)?

Are you certified by independent safety auditing firms?

Are you ARG/US or Wyvern Certified by independent safety auditing firms?

How many pilots fly the aircraft? (People tell me 2 pilots are the safest.)

How may I ensure that you’ll keep my family and my loved ones safe?

What airports can I fly into?

How do I know how much baggage and “stuff” we can bring?

What if I use too many days or don’t use enough during a year?

Can my family members / co-workers fly if I’m not on the plane?

Do you allow pets?

Does SkyShare use flight days or flight hours?

Do I have to be located in the Western U.S. to use your program?

Am I limited to where I can fly?

How is SkyShare different from chartering a plane?

How much does SkyShare cost?

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*for West-Coast based, managed aircraft only. Non-guaranteed lift. Repositioning costs may be applicable pending route. Round-trip rates.